The underpainting

Procession:  The One Who Pulled the Wagon, oil on linen panel, 24x36"

Procession: The One Who Led The Horses, oil on panel 18x36", the underpainting

Procession: The One Who Carried the Child, oil on linen panel 24x28"

Earlier version

 Narrative:  The Procession

The Procession, oil on panel, 12x24

Procession: The One Who Led The Horses, oil on panel 24x36"

This is my original Procession image. I pull my painting gear in a

little red wagon. Looking across a field, an image came of one pulling a wagon across this expansive field; then I added others. But what would they be doing other than walking? So I had one carrying a large cloth; one carrying a staff; one carrying a child. Later the began to evolve as I remembered images of Syrian refugees; then I thought of all the migrations, the diasporas through history; we are all transient.  We are all in a procession of some sort, whether physical or emotional. So I am painting all the variations of people in a procession, going away from something or going to something.