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Smaller paintings, studies, imaginary test flights

Centered, 9x12"  $150

Forest Dream, 12x16

Dreaming in Daytime

The Oak and the Moss, 8x10, panel. $200

His Red Chicken Coop, 9x12, panel. $100

All work in oil unless noted otherwise. Small but mighty works priced to sell online and mail easily.  Free shipping. If a piece does not work out, return it within three days (you pay for shipping) and I will give you a refund.

Harvest Dancer, 12x16, canvas   $50

The Light in the Woods, 12x16

Scout Calling to Others, 12x16, canvas.  $55

Come Hither, 5x7, canvas  $50

  Southern Fall, 9x12 $150

Unmowed Path, 9x12"  $150

Long Summer Days, 5x12"  $100

Harbingers of Spring, Right runner,  9x10, Arches oil paper. $50

Harbingers of Spring, Left runner, 9x10, Arches oil paper,  $50

The Old One, 4x16"  $100

The  Drop Off, 9x12  $150

The Willow and the Woodshed, 9x12 $150

Brazen Summer,  12x16, canvas,  $100

The Clearing, 12x16, canvas,  $100

I Love Summer, 11x14, on board. $200

The Fish Pond 5x7, canvas    $50

My Lime Green Grass, 5x7, canvas  $50

The Garden Gate, 11x14, linen mounted to board. $100