Summer Walk, oil, 9x12

Slender Shade, oil, 9x12"

Path Through the Woods, oil, 9x12

Split Oak, oil, 9x12

The Hiding Place, 8x10"

My Fabulous Fall, 9x12"

To the Shed

Summer Glory, oil, 9x12"

House of 10,000 Stories to Tell


Peopling the 21st Century: The migrations, the people, the work, the rituals, the land

Red Violet and Yellow Green, 9x12

My Summer Vacation, 8x10"

Rain is Coming, oil on panel, 9x12"

The Green Green Light oi 18x36"

Little Wild Cherry, 9x12"

Three Times Around For it to Work, oil on panel, 14x16"

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Works in this section are on specially prepared archival oil painting paper. All paintings are matted and ready to frame.

The Grass is Greener oil 9x12

The Most Beautiful Oak,9x12"

Sssssssumer, oil, 9x12

Little Green Hen House, 9x12"

Lime Green Summer, oil on panel, 9x12"

My Gentle Giant oil 18x24

Greens and Gold, oil, 9x12

The Landscapes

Dreaming in Daytime, 9x12"

Shade in Summer, oil 9x12

Tree of Yearning, oil, 9x12

The Pond Just Past the Woods, 9x12"

Winter's Day, 9x12"

The View Across the Field, oil, 9x12

Hickory, Evergreen and Purple Plum, oil on panel, 9x12"

The Red Playhouse, 9x12"