Migration: The Scout, oil, 16x20"

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The Migrations

Migrations: When the Sky Was Silver, oil, 36x48; work in progress

Migration: The Lookout, oil, work in progress, 24x36"

Migration: The First Migration, oil on panel, 12x24

Migration: The One Who Led The Horses, oil on panel 24x36"

People crossing the wilderness; the ages old image of people escaping from or escaping to. We are all in migration; if not physically, then emotionally.

Peopling the 21st Century: The migrations, the people, the work, the rituals, the land

Migration:  The One Who Pulled the Wagon, oil on linen panel, 24x36"

Migration: The One Who Carried the Child, oil on linen panel 24x28"

Migrations: She Stopped to Catch Her Breath, oil, 20x24"