The Fire Mender oil 18x24

Grape Harvest Dance, oil on linen panel 24x36

The Man Who Spoke With Snakes oil 11x14

Downhill Racers, 18x36", oil on linen panel

Analog Man in a Digital World, oil on linen panel, 18x24"


Hawks and Crows oil 18x36

Run, oil 12x36

So She Ran, oil, 20x24"

The Harbingers of Spring oil

The Hoop Dance oil 18x24

Jake's Last Dance oil 18x36

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A Fire To Keep Me Warm                           

Prequels to:  Just Try, oil on Arches oil painting paper, 16x20"

Dancer, Summersend Festival,  oil

Joe and Max oil

The Man of Faith, oil 16x16"

The Earth Above Their Heads, oil on panel, 18x36"

She Cast Her Spell on Us All, oil on linen, 18 x 24"

The Circle Ritual oil 18x24

Just Try, oil on panel, 55" diameter

Going Home, oil 24x36

Florida Farmer, oil on linen panel, 24x28"

House of 10,000 Stories

Golden Baptism,  oil on panel, 9x12"

Pre-Flight Check, oil on linen panel, 18x24"

The Other Stories

The Woman Who Lived in the Woods, oil, 18x24"

I Sing The Song of Myself, oil on panel,