Weed Pickers: First Break of the Day, oil on linen panel 24x28.

I saw a man on his hands and knees picking weeds. 'That's quaint', I thought, and as I raised my eyes over his shoulder to the remaining yard to be picked, added,  '...but futile. What if someone needed a field picked of weeds; it would take an army.

Weed Pickers: In The Hottest Part of the Day, oil on Arches oil painting paper 12x16"

Applying the Headband, oil. First is the color study, the second is the underpainting for the large version.

Weed Pickers: Looking Back oil on linen panel, 24x30

Weed Pickers, detail. oil on aluminum

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Weed Pickers: Lunch Break, oil on gold ground, 18x24"

Weed Pickers: Taking a Breather, oil study 16x20

Weed Pickers: Lunch Break, oil on gold ground, 18x24"

The Workers

Michael at The Mill, Right Door, oil, detail 24x36

Weed Pickers, oil on aluminum panel, 36x48". The aluminum ground reflects the colors of the room where it is hung.  It has a rose colored sky in my dining room.

The Man With the Magic Hands, oil, 24x36"

Weed Pickers: Cracking Her Back, oil on gold ground, 18x24"

He Worked at The Mill, oil, 14x18

Peopling the 21st Century: The migrations, the people, the work, the rituals, the land

Weed Pickers: On Hands and Knees, oil on canvas, 16x20"

Man Needs a Dog, oil, 24x36"

A Man Needs to be Clever, oil, 24x36"

Weed Pickers: Rest, oil on gold ground, 18x24".

The Mayan Man, oil


Counting the Money, oil.