Garden Gate, oil on linen/panel, 9x12"

The Procession, oil on panel, 12x24"

B  H a r r i s o n  S t u d i o

Paintings by Barbara Harrison

Figure Paintings, Narrative Paintings, Plein Air and Landscape Paintings.

Paintings from the place where myth, religion and ritual begin.

Summer's End Ritual,  oil on mounted linen.

Circle Ceremony, oil on linen, 18 x 24"

Tom and Max, oil on canvas, 9 x 12"

Pre-flight Check, 18 x 24 oil on linen panel

I Sing the Song of Myself, oil on linen

Leaf Dancer, oil on prepared panel, 18x24". 

The Earth Above Them, oil on linen/panel, 24x36"

The Analog Man, oil on prepared panel, 18x24.   

Rendevous, oil on linen/panel, 9x12"