The Analog Man, oil on prepared panel, 18x24.   

The Procession, oil on panel, 12x24"


Paintings by Barbara Harrison

The Earth Above Them, oil on linen/panel, 24x36"

Rendevous, oil on linen/panel, 9x12"

Summer's End Ritual,  oil on mounted linen.

Leaf Dancer, oil on prepared panel, 18x24". 

Downhill Racers, oil on linen/panel, 18x36"

The Juggler, oil on panel, 18x24"

Circle Ceremony, oil on linen, 18 x 24"

My paintings  are of  the land and people where history and religion could have originated.  I combine narrative painting with more abstract and impressionist painting.  If you are interested in acquiring a piece  that does not have the purchase button, please use the Contact form to make an inquiry.

Tom and Max, oil on canvas, 9 x 12"

Garden Gate, oil on linen/panel, 9x12"

She Cast Her Spell On Us All, oil on linen/panel, 18x24"